Lazily watched the Academy Awards

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In college, my mentor Brian hosted an Academy Award party every year. Brian headed the English Communications department at the itty-bitty college I went to, and film studies was his emphasis.

Back then, I hadn’t seen several of the movies that were up for an award, and it made guessing winners difficult.

Since college, my appreciation for the Academy Awards has faded. I still see only a few of the pictures, and the glamor and the glitz has subsided, especially now that I know what goes on behind the scenes. I appreciate acting, writing, editing, set design, directing, etc. But lusting over stars, celebrities and movie makers is a sort of dismal religion.

It’s like Jesus, Yahweh or Allah. You (think you) know everything about him. You gush over him at church and in prayers. But truth be told, he knows nothing about you. And he doesn’t care. He says, I hear your prayers, but really? Come on.

Isn’t it weird that you know all kinds of trivia about all kinds of people you “love.” But they don’t know one iota of information about you except that you provide their gluttonous paychecks?

Last night, Tina put on the pre-game dress awards after dinner, and I watched the Dawkins/Lennox debate that I posted yesterday. When I did hear what was being said about the dresses, I made uber-snarky remarks that made Tina laugh. All that fluff makes me sick.

We ended up getting trapped by the train wreck, and kept the show on till the end. I kept my laptop with me to brave the down time, but kept one ear on the show.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted the show like two of the worst amateurs in the business. And the show itself was upstaged by the set design.

All in all, I’m not sure I can say I’m glad I watched it. Admitting it here makes me blush a little.

Or, as Tina put it, what the Academy saved on the host budget by hiring two idiots, they spent on Hathaway’s many costume changes.

Whatever did you do with your Sunday-evening Academy Award night?


Apparently the show could have been worse. This portion was cut from the original show:

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