Who’s winning the morality contest?

This video will titillate your tittles. I was surprised to see Asheville made the list.

From the YouTuber who posted it:

Some Christians are fond of saying that atheists have no morality and homosexuals present various threats to society–especially to children. Let’s have a look at how some Christians did in the morality and threat-to-society departments in February 2011.

Music: “Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones”

Via my friends at Reddit

Hey, George, throw this in your repost docket. I’d love to read Dan’s response to it.

2 thoughts on “Who’s winning the morality contest?

  1. will do…
    Ironically I actually visited just now to see if my next cut-and-paste post was a re-blog of yours. I swear I read it before but I can’t remember where.

    Can I put dibs on “not a real Christian” as the answer Dan gives…to all of them? Christian, as we all know, is defined as free of sin and agreeing with Dan. It’s in the dictionary…look it up.

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