Where Children Sleep: A Diverse World of Homes


Check out this cool photo series from photographer James Mollison. It’s a photo series showing a portrait of an international child coupled with a photo of their bedroom or place that they sleep. It’s amazing.

My childhood bedroom was nothing compared to some of these spaces, but it was interesting. It makes me want to dig through photos but I don’t think a good photo exists of my childhood bedroom. My mom made drapes that covered the windows as thick as hotel curtains. There was a design on them, but I can’t remember what it was. Seems like it was some sort of sunset scene.

My mom sewed when we were young. There were several stitched pieces of art on the walls. One over my bed read, “Jeremy” and each letter had a special, boyhood design. There was another hand-stitched thing hanging up that gave my birth specs (weight, length, time of birth).

My furniture featured old colonial sailboats and a rope motif. There was a lamp near my bed that looked like a lantern. If you turned the switch twice, a lightbulb that flickered like a flame would illuminate in the base of the lamp. I loved having it on to go to sleep.

There was a wooden bear hanging from the ceiling by two strings that went through its hands. It was a clever toy that scooted up to the ceiling by alternately pulling to strings.

Ahh memories.

Contrasted with this series of photos from James Mollison, I didn’t realize just how great I had it.

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