Celebrating the dark atheist overlord’s birthday with traditional fare

Apparently it’s PZ Myers’ glorious birthday today. It’s a reason to celebrate, which is all I need to crack open a few cold ones and get loosey gooesy with all my humanist friends.

We’re doing what we usually do on our lord and savior’s birthday … exchanging presents, cracking on creationism, drinking loads of wine, and we’re roasting a 22 lb baby.

I kid!

We drink Tiger Blood!

We all know that PZ is close to 4.5 billion years old, so Christians can also celebrate this fantastic day. Surely this day marks one day closer to PZ’s death, thus eliminating that atrocity of atheistic behavior and science propagandist that you all hate so much.

So while millions of foreheads get smeared today, you’ll find me smashed in a gutter with a full belly later this evening.

Woo woo!

facebook is the devil in a red dress (or suit)

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (whoever the hell that is), lawyers have seen a 20% bump in divorces caused by or indirectly initiated by social networking activity. The primary culprit was facebook, followed by twitter and MySpace.

So if you want your marriage to last, don’t write, “I would love to eph you,” on anyone’s wall except your spouse’s.

This is upmost to your marriage’s health and longevity.

Via The Daily Wh.at. TDW’s sources: [cbcguardian / image: fbknol.]


Hump Day Nooner with Rachel Maddow vs Wyoming, the Equality State

Did I say, “Versus.” I meant that Rachel Maddow is pro-Wyoming.

Are pigs flying?

Recently Rachel Maddow featured Wyoming state legislature on her show, a state comprised of 10 zillion republicans to every 1 democrat. They failed to pass anti-gay legislation despite being a load of Republicans.

On what grounds, you ask? Well you should watch the clip found here. Beware, economical and state constitutional rationale to follow.

The link will take you away from le Café. More info here.

See, Republicans can be cool.

Thanks, Julie F!

Our dogger has double directional output

Oh goodness, I’m tired today.

Talulah has picked up a stomach bug of some kind. Last night was the worst it’s ever been. She occasionally gets a bout of diarrhea or a barf here or there. But never both ends.

Last night it was both ends, and between worrying about her and her needing to go out, we didn’t sleep much. I’m exhausted.

Having a dog is probably as close as we’re going to get to having kids. We have no intention to pursue (kid) adoption at this point.

Although I’ve heard fostering can bring quite the income when fostering higher numbers of children.


I’m not saying I have any idea what it’s like to be a dad. But the amount of time I spend training Talulah is significant. It’s changed my perspective on the world and definitely altered my priorities.

I spend far less time smoking crack now that I have her. And Tina’s not whoring nearly as much.

So we have that working for us.

If you know anyone collecting crazy weird-looking samples of dog shit and vomit, let me know. I could have Talulah produce some for you.

Happy Humpday.

And watch out for those folks with weird smears on their foreheads.