And I’m proud to be an American … where at least you can destroy a Maxima

This video is making the rounds, and it almost makes me as sick as the video of the girl below praising god for the Japan earthquake. Even if that girl is a poe, she’s crazy-ass-shit nuts.

But back to the video in question. You should watch it. And you may feel your stomach churning and your indignation rising.

And it will be perfectly reasonable.

Via Reddit

Get in a row, ducks!

Today and Tomorrow are ducks in a row days. Tina and I are leaving Wednesday for New York to shoot through Saturday.

Today we shot a quick headshot for a young professional woman. She was a lot of fun, and if I wasn’t wrapped in a selfish preoccupation with stress, I think the shoot would have gone much better.

I’m trying to not let the stress show on my face, but damn it’s hard.

We did get this shot, which I had to show you quickly. She really was a lot of fun, and it’s always great to get a jumping shot.

God caused the earthquake in Japan

Over at Skeptic Money, Phil Ferguson posted a video that will explode your mind like the Death Star blowing up Alderaan. I’m going to post it below, because it should be circulated and condemned. And not just condemned by me, but by Christians who actually give a hoot about the way they are portrayed by others.

This girl cannot be more thrilled, joyful and blissful that the earthquake hit Japan. It’s an answer to prayer, she says.

Wow. Is it an answer to prayer? Really.

This video comes on heels of people screaming Schadenfreude because of Pearl Harbor. See here for a collection of facebook updates that will nauseate you.

Thanks, Wes!

Glorious, glorious Pi day

Happy Pi Day all you wonderful people. Don’t forget to decorate your house and exchange Pi gifts.

The tradition of sitting on my lap and telling me what you want has decreased over the years. I can’t figure out why.


Above: [A young girl] recites 500 digits of pi from memory in about 90 seconds. This hit and got over 136k hits in a day. She now knows 2,300, which is also posted. This hit the AP newswire last year and she was *almost* a guest on a national morning network news program.