Religious blog recommended reading

My time is limited, but I wanted to repost this blog post from our favorite religious blogger Julie Ferwerda.

It’s called, “Healing the Contradictions with Humility.” I think it’s a well-thought-out post. The fact is, there are contradictions in the bible, and ignoring them is something that non-believers poke sticks at and amuse ourselves because believers act like they aren’t there.

Go read it!


Ahh, NYC, I love you so.

I’m not sure we were living the dream over the last few days, but we had a good time in New York for what it was worth. We ended up being busier than I thought we would be.

On Friday night, we stopped at Hell’s Kitchen to eat and then walked around taking photos around Times Square. Times Square was packed with people, and it was fun to watch Tina with her camera. She got some great shots. Here’s a few of hers just to tickle your fancy.

… tickle your fancy!

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