Looking for Stanley

This is sure to appeal to all you Stanley Kubrick fans out there.

Although it is more than ten years since his death, film-maker Stanley Kubrick retains a mythical status in cinema. His films span a variety of genres, locations and eras.  Lolita2001A Clockwork OrangeBarry LyndonThe Shining and Full Metal Jacket are all milestones of film. Yet, since 1962, all of his films were made in Britain. The project is a visual archaeology of the landscapes and architectures that Kubrick transformed for incorporation into his films. The locations are presented as empty stages waiting for the ghosts of the cinematic past to restore them to life.

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(Above) Radlett, Hertforshire. The writers house where Alex (Malcolm McDowell) rapes the writers (Patrick Magee) wife played by Adrienne Corri. A Clockwork Orange (1971)

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