We are safe and sound in sunny Mexique.

I thought you would want to know. I’m still getting my bearings.

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Baby Cheetah at Busch Gardens Tampa

See, something good can come out of Florida.

Busch Gardens’ animal care team has something new keeping them up at night — a four-week-old baby cheetah that requires regular feedings and 24-hour care.

The new cub was born at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens to a mother who wasn’t able to care for him. When zoo keepers saw that the baby was not eating and having trouble gaining weight, they made the decision to hand-raise him. Now, at a little more than two pounds, the cub is eating well, getting stronger and eagerly exploring his new home.


Til Death (I) do us part

We’re off to Mexico — the Land of the Legal Illegals — to shoot a wedding. I saw this awesome invitation at The Daily Wh.at, and while it’s not the couple we’re shooting, I think the couple might be this cool.

I’m going to try and enjoy the trip as much as I can. I’m going to schedule some blogs to post while we’re gone (like this one). I will be working during the trip, too. I have a lot to edit and I have a huge deadline soon after I get back. But that’s working for yourself. Vacations are usually working vacations. One day I’ll take a real vacation.

About the invitation:

Redditor TheLocoYoko, who may or may not be illustrator Manuel Morgado, shows off the badass wedding invitation designed for his special Z-Day by illustrator Manuel Morgado (who may or may not be Redditor TheLocoYoko).