Even my mind can be changed

A couple weeks ago, my brother-in-law Michael let me borrow a mix CD that he recently came across from another DJ named Paul in Chicago. I’ve had the CD in the car, and whenever I’m driving, it’s on.

There’s a song on it from Christina Aguilera that I can’t stop listening to. Seriously, it’s badass.

It sounds nothing like any CA song you have ever heard. It’s called Elastic Love (ft: M.I.A.). Now that I see that M.I.A. is involved (I didn’t notice until just now) it makes a lot of sense.

I found out that you can download the album and listen yourselves. It’s a great mix and definitely worth your time to download. It is a free download, but it’s one single MP3 file. There are no breaks. But it still is worth taking a listen to.

Go here!

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