It’s just another day for you and me in paradise

Guess who’s back in cold Chicago? If you guessed yourself, stop being sarcastic funny.

Tina and I landed late(ish) last night after a full day of traveling. I’m about to go pickup Lou Dog from the boarders.

We had a blast down in sunny Mexico. I plan on writing a full review of the hotel where we stayed. I have nothing to compare my experience to in Mexico, but I have third-world experience. And in an asshole kind of way, I thought Mexico sucked.

Seriously, the country’s tourism industry needs a public relational rehaul. The hotel we stayed in is going to go the way of one of the thousands of abandoned Mexican buildings within a couple years if it doesn’t improve drastically.

But it’s Mexico as a whole that needs a spike in general world-minded etiquette.

I saw a guy beg for change in an airport bathroom just after pulling off a paper towel and handing it a guy with wet hands. He appeared out of nowhere and was not wearing an airport uniform. It was bizarre. I’ve seen a lot during my world travels, but that one made me tilt my head a little further.

Okay, off for Talulah.

I got this comic (below) from my dad this morning. I thought you might enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “It’s just another day for you and me in paradise

  1. My wife wont even go to Mexico. There have been several deaths of Canadian tourists in that country over the last ten years, to the degree that you are more likely to die within 50 Km of your Hotel then you are by driving to your hotel in Mexico from any major Canadian city on a motorcycle drunk with no helmet.

    Did I just invent that factoid? You betcha. But it might be true….and as Fox News would say, We report-You decide.

    1. Gee Dub!

      Yeah, I’d say stay out of Mexico. I’m convinced it’s evil … like your factoid above.

      I forgot I wanted to write above that dinosaurs didn’t exist during Noah’s time, but then I remembered Noah never lived anyway … so there’s that.

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