6 thoughts on “Ray Comfort interview – The Atheist Experience #702 (full episode)

  1. Ugh! I sat through this on Wednesday and man oh man was this painful.

    One thing is for sure, Ray Comfort is a willfully ignorant buffoon. I heard all I needed to hear when he told Matt that all atheists have to offer with regards to question of how the universe came into existence is “I don’t know” whereas he KNOWS god was there at the beginning. I said to myself, there you have it folks, the man is unabashedly selling ABSOLUTE certainty.

    Sad thing is when called on his bullshit all Ray had to offer as proof of this certainty was a lame born-again conversion tale and his very own and deep personal encounter with god. Translation I know because I believe and I believe because I know. It was all an exercise in circular logic, straw man arguments and plain old ignorance.

    Hats off to Matt and Russell for remaining calm and respectful all through the interview. It really allowed Ray’s lunacy to shine through. There is a comment on the Atheist Experience blog written by Matt where he mentions that Ray was disappointed that the debate wasn’t more angry (on the atheist side of course) or challenging. Ray actually thinks he performed well! The dissonance is strong with that one. Matt thoroughly destroyed him on the blog. It’s worth a read.

  2. There are some classy moments throughout the session, you’re right.

    I got the feeling that Russell shouldn’t have been there except for a couple spare moments. Matt represented well.

    And when Comfort dug deep and played the “hell” card(s), I threw up my hands. That is literally his only argument, and it’s a stupid one at that.

    I have to say that there were some positive moments from Comfort. I’m certainly not saying I agree with him, but the decency etiquette was going both ways throughout. So there was that.

    I will have to check out the blog when I get a chance. If you get a second, leave a link here in the comments for myself and for anyone else who’s interested and doesn’t know the Atheist Experience blog.

    1. Well, glad one worked. I don’t know what happened either. I’ll just leave the full link for now.

      I super appreciate it.

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