WordPress April Fooled me

Fellow WordPressers might have noticed a spike in their hits today, but it was a funny hoax.

I got excited, though, because since I’ve been busy the last couple weeks, my hits have dropped. When I saw that I had over 1500 hits today, my sphincter locked up a little.

December to February, our hits were averaging much higher. And year over year, the trend is that I become quieter in March (because of work) which explains the drop in hit count.

Oh well. That’s the way it goes … big nose!

Have you been pranked today? Wondering who’s been punked. Drop a note in the comments if you have.

In other news, Sam Harris started a blog

I noticed that at SamHarris.org, ol’ Sammy started a blog. It’s damn time, but he needs to add a comments section. I can’t stand it when religious sites wipe out the comments sections on their blogs and sites.

To his defense, he’s had a very active discussion forum for as long as I’ve visited his site. Somehow, he needs to have that option combined. Discussion is an instrumental part to the social media phenomenon. You remove that and you’ve removed public opinion. Good or bad, it needs to be available.

So go over and check it out.

BTW: Keep your eyes out for a debate between him and William Lane Craig on April 7.

The local aldermanic race

Around these parts, the local alderman seat (46th ward) is soon to be filled by either Molly Phelan or James Cappleman through a runoff election on April 5.

Tina and I aren’t fans of Phelan. She led an organization that opposed subsidized housing over the past few years in our neighborhood. She used church-like fear tactics to rally support against the current alderman and her cronies, telling people that the building located just north of our house would bring more crime, more drugs, more gangs and more violence.

Now that the housing is built, along with a Target and several commercial lots that are homes to an AT&T store and a Hair Cuttery, we couldn’t be happier. The neighbors who moved into the housing are great people. The housing and commercial spaces have made the neighborhood stronger and safer. We don’t live in a great neighborhood, so we’ve found ourselves thrilled by the new building.

But Phalen was diametrically opposed to the point of spitting fire, and it was embarrassing to watch her represent the community. In hindsight, she may have distorted the truth. Whether this was on purpose or not, I feel she’s not equipped to serve my community as Alderman.

On top of that, Molly has gained local notoriety for blanket mailing the neighborhood with awful junk mail. She’s desperately grasping at the alderman seat, and I hope she loses hard.

The problem is, I haven’t met James Cappleman. For all kinds of justified reasons (honk), I don’t know enough about him. But I’m going to vote for him out of ignorance and spite toward Phelan. From his web site, he’s been community building for 10 years in this ‘hood. During the past 10 years, Phelan has bartended in this neighborhood.

On this election, I’m going with experience.

I’m voting for James Cappleman. And you can too.