WordPress April Fooled me

Fellow WordPressers might have noticed a spike in their hits today, but it was a funny hoax.

I got excited, though, because since I’ve been busy the last couple weeks, my hits have dropped. When I saw that I had over 1500 hits today, my sphincter locked up a little.

December to February, our hits were averaging much higher. And year over year, the trend is that I become quieter in March (because of work) which explains the drop in hit count.

Oh well. That’s the way it goes … big nose!

Have you been pranked today? Wondering who’s been punked. Drop a note in the comments if you have.

One thought on “WordPress April Fooled me

  1. I convinced the lady I was going to be in Australia for the next 6 months shortly after midnight on April Fools Day. I was convincing enough to pull it off just long enough to not be too cruel. Helped to have a night-of-too-many drinks not long ago to assure her I had told her about all of this already. I’m such a jerk.

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