I’m masochistic in a non-sexual way. I have overbooked our schedules lately to accommodate almost anything that comes our way. I don’t have time for all the projects I’ve taken on. I must really like self torture.

Today we shot some headshots with a young professional woman. She was the most nervous person I’ve shot in a long time, but she did great.

I need to be video editing, but I just went through all my film from today’s shoot. And if I were this woman, I’d use this one (below). She definitely wanted a smile shot, which I couldn’t talk her out of.

I love this lighting setup, because it resembles a setup I like on TV and movies. You can see it in her eyes. The key (main) light is up to the left and the fill is down right. I usually use a reflector for the fill, but I love that second source and what it’s doing to her eyes.

That reminds me, I still owe you guys a post on lighting and flashes. That’ll remain TBD!


3 thoughts on “Overbooked

  1. Nice lighting! Pretty girl. Head is too small for the body. Maybe focused more on the face? Besides her nice smile, all I can see is a whole lotta body. Shooting from top looking down may make her look proportion.

  2. Congratulations on getting bookings! If you are overbooked, why are you posting/blogging 4x a day? How many hours are you spending on an appropriate topic to post? Just wondering…

    1. Gosh, Bella, you’re abundance of responses is … odd. You should use a moniker like “MsKnowItAll” or something similar as it would be more accurate than the sweet name of Bella.

      I somewhat appreciate the responses, though. You’re right. The image above pulls the eye toward the body. I think the absence of a hair light makes her hair disappear into the black on some monitors … making her head appear smaller and body larger.

      And also, there are an abundance of shots in which she’s shot from a high angle that weren’t posted. I always keep a step stool close by. I certainly don’t appreciate your critically ignorant eye.

      To answer your other question, I schedule a lot of posts in advance. And I also video edit and photoshop a lot. While files are rendering which can take minutes to hours, I have opportunities to post which takes little time at all.

      All the best to whatever it was you were looking for when you started your onslaught of responses here.


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