Simple life Manhattan: a 90-square-foot microstudio

I could see how making life in a 90-square-foot studio would work (watch video below). But that apartment might never be as cool as this one.

3 thoughts on “Simple life Manhattan: a 90-square-foot microstudio

  1. I’m not really sure awesome is the word I’d use. I was getting claustrophobia just looking at that!

    I mean, I see her point about not wasting money on rent, which is pretty damn out of control in the city but that seems a bit too extreme.

    For about the same amount of money she could be living with a roommate, sharing a 2 bedroom and not making so many compromises on space. Then again, she probably wouldn’t be living near Lincoln Center but she wouldn’t be in a bad part of town either.

  2. She did an excellent job organizing. Looks spacious. She could lower the bed a bit for more head space. She still has lots of stuff to get rid off. It’s nice that she has room for clothing.

    It’s good that she is renting instead of paying $150k for 300 sq ft.

    Dwell magazine has been writing a lot about maximizing space. Ex. Family of 4 living on 750 sq ft — nothing to do with money but promoting closeness within family and sharing.

  3. This lady is so resourceful! I can’t criticize her for something that she can do and she seems to be totally fine with it. That’s why we’re individuals. It’s novel and it shows that she is also a professional organizer! I like it actually.

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