If you’ve never watched “Marjoe” …

Several years ago, I rented the documentary “Marjoe.” I was still hiding my nonbelief from friends and family back then. And I remember being struck by the movie for several reasons.

About the movie:

Marjoe was a precocious child preacher with extraordinary talents, who was immensely popular in the American South. His parents earned large sums of money off him up until the point he outgrew his novelty. Marjoe rejoined the ministry as a young adult solely as a means of earning a living, and not as a believer; he spent the next several years using his fame and status as an evangelist to defraud a small fortune out of individuals both through tent revivals and televangelism.

What struck me the most wasn’t the movie itself, although it’s an excellent documentary and worthy of the accolades it received. What struck me was that the movie wasn’t released where I lived deep in the Yeshua Fog™. Once the movie gained popularity, more people may have heard about it.

But the movie was kept under wraps so that feeble minds in the south wouldn’t be challenged by the movie’s content.

Things that are hidden from people are hidden for a reason. And it may be conspiratorial to say or think, but this movie was hidden for “good” reason. It’s an excellent exposé on the psychology and methods on the lucrative business of the the church.

Here’s your chance to watch the documentary in full on YouTube.

Read the description of the film below the fold or go to the wiki page here.

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