Scott Walker Gives $81,500 Government Job To Top Donor’s 26-Year-Old College Dropout Son

From Think Progress:

Since taking office in January, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has stripped public workers of their collective bargaining rights, proposed wage cuts to local government employees, and insisted that his “state is broke” and that its public workers areoverpaid. But Walker applies a different standard to himself.

Today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reveals that Walker is using state funds to pay more than $81,500 a year to the 26-year-old son of a major campaign donor with no college degree and two drunken-driving convictions.

Despite having almost no management experience, UW Madison college dropout Brian Deschane now oversees state environmental and regulatory issues and manages dozens of Commerce Department employees. After only two months on the job, Deschane has already received a 26 percent pay raise and a promotion.

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What will happen if you miss the National Day of Prayer

The video (below) shows precisely — in documentary form — exactly what will happen if you don’t get on your knees and pray on the National Day of Prayer. Clouds will darken the sky and words will fly in and out of your field of view.

I am not lying.

In context, the National Day of Prayer was initiated in 1952 by congress when the Cold War threatened patriotism to the Nth. Good thing Tea Partiers are here to bring back the irrationality of the 50s. Which god should a man pray to this year? May is coming fast and I haven’t picked a prayer target yet.

If you really want to be frightened, read this where I found the video.