Westboro Mocks The NOH8 Campaign

This video is NSFW. Freedom of speech protects Westboro Baptist morons and their hate speech.

I made it through seven minutes. I think that’s pretty damn brave considering how inflammatory it is. There are some laugh out loud moments … if you get past the crazy.

Apparently, you are to be trusted if you tell me how to think with a vente cup of coffee in your hand.

Unfortunately, Westboro Baptist Church has brought much of the American Christian bible to its logical conclusions. Should they be blamed for this?

From Youtube:

So this appears to be Fred Phelps’ and his loony band of kool-aid drinkers’ latest efforts to contaminate the public with hate. But not “their” hate, they say. They hide behind a vengeful God. God hates 99.99% of things, don’t you know.

This vid also acts as an interactive FAQ. The cult members answer the most questions/arguments they get on the “picket line.” 19 of the most common misconceptions about the Bible dispelled, they say. Intermixed is their GODH8SCAMPAIGN pictures.

Admission time: cool photographs. Adam Bouska @bouska needs to convert the WBC’s photographer to love. Not likely that will happen, though.


7 thoughts on “Westboro Mocks The NOH8 Campaign

  1. Ugh…you made it further than me – 3:34 before I had to turn it off. Of course, I credit being able to watch for that long because of the decent video intro…you know, when none of them were speaking.

  2. I really have to wonder about these guys (although I shouldn’t). They seem so determined to piss everybody off….military families, gay people, parents of little children, anybody with a brain. Don’t they ever worry all that hatred might come back to bite them??

  3. I watched the whole thing. Pretty much a flashier version of their usual arguments, most of which aren’t entirely off the mark in spite of their repugnant behavior. The fact is that the Bible is far more horrid and anachronistic than most modern Christians would admit. Even the die hard evangelical types would be unrecognizable moderates in the early centuries of the church. It’s more than a little worrisome that they’re getting ever more apocalyptic these days. I still need to catch the latest documentary on them. From the preview article it sounded like they might be getting ready for some big final exit, cult-style.

    1. Is this a more recent documentary than the one Louis Theroux did a few years ago? If so, linky please?

      1. Don’t have a link. It’s the same guy though. He revisits the church to see who left, who stayed, and why they’re getting more apocalyptic. It’s a followup documentary on the BBC, but I’ve seen it on-line yet.

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