If you didn’t listen to the Harris vs Craig debate …

I finished listening to the debate between William Lane Craig and Sam Harris on Friday night while I was cooking.

I really think you should listen to it. Yes, you. Here’s a link. And I’m not just talking to atheists or theists. I’m talking to all you immoral moralists.

No, seriously. If you care about the conversation between theism and non, do yourself a favor. Craig is considered the deity among men regarding this debate.

I personally think he’s a shameless, dumb moron who uses smoke in mirrors to distract otherwise good people into following his lead.

I think it’s hilarious that John Loftus is declaring William Lane Craig the winner. See his blog. That insolent douchebag claims he talked to Sam Harris and that Harris said, “I’ve heard of you.”

My gag reflex definitely works.

Who the hell cares if he’s heard of you, Loftus?

After hearing Craig dodge several questions during Q&A and treating logic like it’s playdoh on is little, ittle-bitty, play-time play table, anyone who says Craig won the debate is smoking some crappy, street level crack.

And Luke Muehlhauser better not side against me on this one!

Crazy-ass lighting shot

I saw this via Stumble Upon recently and I thought you would like it. Yes, you. It’s a composition of several shots spliced together, but it’s still pretty friggin’ cool.

From the photographer:

This is a photo sequence of 42 stacked shots, caught in Olympic Stadium, Athens during a severe thunderstorm. It only took me aproximatelly 30 minutes to capture 51 lightnings.
Nine shots were destroyed because of the excess brightness. See also the waterdrops from the drain pipe. They seem ‘still’ as they instlantly illuminated from the lightnings.

The answer to the crucial question: No… The big one didn’t hit me on the head! It stroke a few hundred feet in front of me..
Canon EOS 550D, 28/6/2010 1:16 – 1:48, Shutter Speed 3.2 sec x 42 shots, Aperture Value 4.0, ISO 100, Lens Canon EF 15mm f/2.8, Focal Length 15.0 mm


Morning view

I just witnessed the most idiotic moment on a plane that I’ve ever seen. A woman held up the line putting her baggage in the overhead bin. And then she blamed the crew for not helping her.

That said, this is my morning view I spoke of in the header: