Could you imagine being this ugly

And by ugly, I mean, “Holy Delilah, this girl is gorgeous!”

Over the weekend, we shot for at an event for the bridal trade. I like to keep business as far from this blog as possible so I’m not going to link to the event, but I have to share a few images from the event. I’ll find more later, but here’s one that has my heart melting.

One thought on “Could you imagine being this ugly

  1. I was taken by this model’s natural beauty (love the formal wedding gown paired with her little or no makeup with loose, carefree hair), and I showed this photo to a bunch of friends last night, which led to the comment: “Wow…she’s the Denzel Washington of white chicks.”, which was explained by the person who said it, “You know, her features are perfectly symmetrical, just like Denzel’s.” Just thought you’d like to know the caliber of conversation your photography inspires. 😉

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