The Pony Bar + NYC + Good Friends + You

On Saturday Night, Tina and I met regular-reader Luis V. and his lovely better-half Becky at one of the best bars in all of NYC, called The Pony Bar.

Pony Bar has the best beers at the best prices in the city, and now I can say they have the best Lamb Sliders I’ve ever eaten. I never ate a lamb slider before Saturday night, so that helps the hyperbole a little.

All beers (from what I ordered and can tell) cost $5. Every single one is a top-tier brew. And if they aren’t, I like to think they are. And it’s fun to look at the alcohol content and serving size before making your order. At first glance, the alcohol content looks like the pricetag.

Every 30 minutes to an hour, there’s a loud knocking noise (Luis, correct me if I’m wrong) followed by everyone in the bar screaming, “NEW BEER!!” At which time, they take a beer listing down and replace it with another.

Then a leprechaun flips through the bar before landing head first in a cauldron of gold coins.

Again, Luis, correct me if I’m wrong about any of these details.

The bar tenders clean each glass just before serving you with a squirt of some special holy water. And they understand the art of the pour better than most anyone I know apart from regular-reader SAW. I had a glass of Left Hand Milk Stout that was poured so well, I wanted to hug the bartender.

Our reunion was great. You might remember that Luis and Becky met us in Washington DC for the Jon Stewart Pep Rally Rally for Sanity. Luis and Becky are intimidatingly smart, but so down to earth that you’d never know it.

Tina jokes that Luis and my first date was at The Pony Bar, and we were out to relive memories on Saturday night.

We had a rip-roaring time. Luis wore his “Intelligent Design makes my monkey sad” tee-shirt. And I actually had an evolution shirt on under my shirt. It’s kind of like this one.

Tina loves Becky so much I told them they should get a room before the night was over. They are a good pair. And Luis and I talked shop, blog topics, blog regulars, and photography.

There is never enough time in the day when meeting with good, smart people such as these.

Here’s a couple shots below. Click to enlarge. One is a dark image of my lamb sliders and ‘tater chips. Another hipstamatic shot of the bartender changing out a beer selection. And there’s a general shot of the bar at its emptiest all night.

3 thoughts on “The Pony Bar + NYC + Good Friends + You

  1. You are too kind in your assessment of us, but hey we’ll take the complement and return it. You guys rock and it’s always a great time when you guys are in town! (sorry I know I am not as eloquent in my complementing but the sentiment is from the heart) 😀

    As to the clanging and new beer yell, that’s only because as far as I know they only get one keg per brew per day so when one is done they switch it out for another. So you know you’re always getting fresh beer! I find the beer selection is a bit more interesting during the summer so I guess if you wanna find out you’ll have to re-visit.

    Anywho, we will definitely take you up on your offer and pay you guys a visit.

    Love the pics by the way! Think you could email me the shot of us?

  2. Love, love, love Left Hand Milk Stout. We have a local brew that is similar and equally as yummy IMO…Pisgah Nitro Stout. Mmmmmm…
    Oh goodness, it’s way too early in the morning to be thinking about beer. I still have a whole work day to make it through.

  3. Great picture of the four of you!
    I really want lamb sliders now…

    I don’t like that you were gossiping about blog regulars though, either you didn’t talk about me(and that would hurt my feelings) or you were talking behind my back(and that would hurt my feelings); I will try to imagine that it was all complimentary (and mostly about me).

    If I’m ever in NY-and my wife really wants to go- I’ll have to check this bar out. I love Leprechauns, and pots of gold…so I should have a great time. 😉

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