Quote of the day

I found this quote (below) from photographer Chris Orwig. I think it pertains to many more things than photography. The above photograph is Orwig’s.

We follow popular opinion and listen to the voices that say one thing is good while another is bad. We defer to the experts and neglect to nurture our nascent ideas. This impedes the growth of what could be some of our best ideas. We forget that while all good art is courageous and goes against the tide, it almost always starts off as small and uncertain. If we yield to the experts, abandon our own ideas, and pursue imitation rather than originality then we give up and this softens our edge. Why not counter this trend and tenaciously stand tall?

Many of you might know that my position is that being an artist and being a Christian is an impossibility. Art needs less boundary and more openness, and Christianity impeded that freedom for me.

Go read more of Orwig’s post here.

Poor billboard placement

From the Daily UK:

An advertising firm has been blasted after a billboard for The Walking Dead was put on the wall of a funeral parlour in Consett, County Durham.

An apology has been issued after the ad for The Walking Dead appeared on the side of The Co-operative Funeralcare.

Susan Jones, from the Willow Burn Hospice, in nearby Lanchester, said that while some people may see the funny side, others would not.

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Pat Robertson: An asteroid will destroy the earth

In this clip, Pat Robertson explains that the bible predicts that an asteroid will destroy all of humanity on earth one day, and that you should put your hand into the hand of the one who calmed the waters.

Talk about pitiful logic. An act of god will destroy the earth so worship the hand that will destroy you.

Anyway, Joe My God pointed out that it appears Robertson believes in some form of evolution, because at 1:20, Robertson explains that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. Young earthers tend to agree that dinosaurs lived concurrently with humanity, and an asteroid destroying the dinosaurs surely wouldn’t have left humanity unscathed. Perhaps this was a slip of the tongue. Or maybe the devil got ahold of his mouth for a second.

Who knows!?!


As Tina would say, Robertson is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He wants to understand the world from a scientific perspective, but he wants to impress fervent belief and un-justified faith upon you at the same time.

Let’s all bow our heads and pray for the sins that Pat Robertson committed today  … and hope he continues to preach scientific perspective.

Via JoeMyGod

Nothing more to talk about

I saw this video from The Thinking Atheist. I’m a fan of the videos these guys put out, but this one I’m not convinced is the right message. It basically says, “Loved ones who barrage me with concern and prayers, you are not welcome in my life.”

Let me be clear. I went to the video description, and the video maker gives a rationale for the video. Check it here.

They probably don’t mean for the video to have the extreme message that I’m interpreting. I think they want to put a kibosh on the families who won’t let it down that one of their family members is a non-believer so they constantly address it, call about it, pray about it, obsess over it.

But there is a divisive element of the video that strikes me as the wrong way to work with family over this matter. I mean, “Nothing more to talk about”? Isn’t that a little extreme? We have jobs, kids, interests, cooking, the weather, dogs, cats, etc. to talk about. I’ve found there are lots of things to talk about that don’t include belief or non.

The declaration of “Nothing to talk about” is too far to take it.

What do you think?

It’s Wednesdog!

We are debuting Wednesdog with a fine specimin of a canine. The Mighty Miss Molly is regular-reader, and all around rabid English slash Hollander Petursey’s fine pup.

Molly is an eight-year-old Akita Inu.

Her favorite things are “cuddles and boydog butts.”

Everyone give a warm, Café Witteveen sniffy butt welcome to Molly.

Thanks Petursey!