One of them days

Today has been a doosie for me.

We’re wrapping up on one HUGE project we do every year, which feels really good. It’s an over 20-minute video, and holy hell it’s a lot of work. It feels even better, because it’s the third year in a row that the rough cut has been approved with almost no changes. The satisfaction of delivering a product that is close to “perfect” feels awesome.

There really is no “perfect” product or project as I could find a million things wrong with perfection. But I hope you catch my drift.

I just rewatched one of the DVDs I’m delivering and it’s a solid piece of work. That makes me proud.

It also makes the first large-scale project that Tina and I completed together. She co-edited it with me, and I have to say, I can really see how having her on board is going to make my company better, richer and more professional. She’s proven that she’s an asset many times over.

We’re also nailing down the details of the work that will happen in Vegas on Monday through Wednesday. I feel good about that.

And remember when we were in NY over the weekend and we shot that Bridal show? Well, they contacted us this afternoon and they want us to do photography and video for all of their shows. How fucking cool is that!

We got that phone call because of Tina. She makes me look good. When we were on site at the show, she had just finished a short interaction between herself and our principal contact in which I could tell she made a great impression. When we walked away, I slapped her five and said, “That’s why you’re here.” Lots of the time when I’m on jobs, I’m chomping on my upper lip trying to figure how to get my light balanced, my shutter speed perfect, and my focus to lock. When I’m doing that, I need Tina’s professional ability to set almost anyone’s mind at ease with her amazing personality. While my sweaty, oversized forehead is leaking water and my hair is sticking straight up, I need her pretty face to distract from me.

And she does all the things I need her to do in spades. I love it. I love her. It’s amazing fun.

Today is one of those days we all need. We all need that sense of accomplishment and the sense of ending one thing and moving onto the next. And that’s why … I’m getting a divorce.


Did you see what I did there? It’s called a bait and switch … and there’s no telling how miserably it will work in written form.

But, these are the days we all need. When you look at it this way, I guess we really need the heartache, the stress, the sweat and the disfunction that leads into the good feeling. That way the good feeling feels better.

And that’s why hell needs heaven.

Wait a minute … I’m losing my focus.

And this has been the latest installment of … One of Them Days!

5 thoughts on “One of them days

  1. Thanks for the comment, Old Fart.

    I know that partnership is somewhat implied in the etymology of “helpmeet”. I like to think Tina is more of a partner than a helper, and has been since before we married … or so she is in our storyline.


  2. Who would have guessed that finding out that the best thing about you is your wife could be so satisfying?

    My wife is all that to me, and more. You are so very lucky to have found someone as great as Tina…now just don’t go screwing it up.

    You and Tina are “the shiznit” as my son would say!

  3. So great to develop passions and work together…it is so much more satisfying to have that in common. My husband also brings out the best in me, and is an indispensable part of my work as a writer (and sometimes speaker). We are the lucky few in a world of downer, mismatched marriages!

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