Clever editing, kids … clever

Thanks, Wendy!

More about the video under the fold:

Original clips, in order of appearance:

I KILL PEOPLE (Jon Lajoie)



Glenn Beck Links Violent Gang Fight to Rise of Atheism

Atheists are vile, evil, Satan worshiping, thieving liars!!!

God warrior!

Matt Handles a Prank Call – The Atheist Experience #601

Moronic priest talks about atheism on Fox News

Go to church, give money, don’t be a fag!

Crazy Preacher

Bishop Liston Page preaching CRAZY ‘Greatest Disappointment in the Church’

FOX News Attacks Atheists Over Christmas Ad

ther Micah and Sister Elizabeth at UCF

Fr. Elias Mary – Clearing the Air: YouTube Blasphemy

Why won’t god heal amputees?

Glenn Beck and Dobson on school prayer

Bill O’Reilly v. Dave Silverman – You KNOW they’re all SCAMS!

Beck Guest Rabbi: “Atheists Are Parasites”

2 thoughts on “Clever editing, kids … clever

  1. I enjoyed Gretchen Carlson’s faux outrage at the mere thought of having to explain to her kids that some people don’t believe in god *gasp*! Oh the humanity!!!

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