Even Hitler had friends, so sign up for facebook

I read this editorial at Gizmodo that was pretty interesting. It said, if you’re not on facebook, you’re an idiot and you’re getting left behind.

So get on facebook.

The most persuasive bit:

Facebook is the most important way we touch our friends online, period. Birthdays, parties, Passover seders, graduations—they’re all organized on Facebook. Wedding photos, baby photos, stupid college parties photos you’re nostalgic about already—they’re all on Facebook. Everyone you might still care about in your life, despite distance, work, stress, money, and time—they’re (mostly) all on Facebook. And all there to grasp, with the most minimal of effort. Really. Just click a bunch. If you care about any of these things—socializing, memories, friendships—you should be using Facebook, in spite of all its sour, vexing flaws.

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Last night’s late night view

Last night I went to a company-sponsored after hours party at House of Blues in Mandalay Bay. There were several company social spaces and each featured a band like the picture.

Every single one played a glut of Black Eyed Peas covers. Last night was a “good night”.



Ah Vegas, how I loathe thee

I’ve been in Las Vegas all of 24 hours. It may be too soon, but I don’t like it here.

I love New York and it’s overcrowded-ness. Vegas is overcrowded, and I think it sucks.

The architecture looks like a bunch of cheesy movie sets. The tourists all have cameras pointed at the hotels. They should turn those lenses back onto themselves.

If this place represents some sort of American ideal, it’s that large amounts of people are suckers. And if you look closely at people’s foreheads, there are “Ls” written on them.

To sell my point, I can see the airport from my hotel room window. I could walk over to it, possibly jump a fence, and walk to the terminal where I arrived. But somehow, the cab ride to my hotel cost me $25. It felt like there is a long route to get to my hotel, and the conspiracy theorist in me says, “It’s because the city wanted to make sure cabbies got the most for their effort.”

Everything cost something here.

Opening the door to my room, I have to insert my key card and behind it send  a $5 bill through the slot. In a few months, they are installing credit card machines so you don’t have to carry cash around.

Yesterday was a long day. Today I’m shooting from about 1 till 5:30 or 6. I want to go out and get some street photography after work.

The people here must be shot, and I must shoot them.

It’s a good thing I’m a photographer and not a rifle enthusiast.