It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s humping fantastic Wednesdog comes to you sponsored by regular-reader Jude and his cleverly crafty canines Sam and Anna … or Anna and Sam. I don’t want to be doggie chauvinistic.

Although, I am going to post Sam’s picture first, because he has a special message for you.

On occasion, Jude drops links for Sam and Anna photos in the comments sections that we all enjoy, but these images are sent especially for this edition of Wednesdog.

Hey Jude, when you get a chance, drop us more information about them in the comments.

Bon appétit!



Don’t forget to submit your Wednesdog or Caturday images soon!

4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesdog!

  1. Hey, they’re famous now! 😀

    More information? Well, they’re both rescue dogs – Anna was picked up as a stray on the highway to Hawkesbury. Sam was rescued from abusive owners, and still has “issues”.

    They like nothing better than walks around the neighbourhood, or off-leash runs in the park. Anna has a squirrel-obsession, and seems to have made it her life’s mission to obliterate every known squirrel in Ottawa.

  2. Awwww…puppies. Wow – Anna actually *catches* squirrels!? My dog usually trees ’em and then whines about how they don’t play fair with the running away and all.

  3. Well, she would if I gave her the chance. She and Sam brought down a groundhog once before I could stop them. If a squirrel crosses our path when she’s walking on leash she’ll suddenly forget her walking manners and lunge as far as she can. If we’re off-leash in the park and she suddenly goes into her “stalking” mode, I spoil everything by shouting “Hey Anna! Are you trying to sneak up on that squirrel, by any chance?”

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