… and scene

I’m back from Vegas. It wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. I don’t think I would ever vacation there. But it definitely turns me on to the fact that I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon yet.

Today is going to be busy for me, so it’ll be relatively quiet here. I’ll try to update some if I am rendering some video.

One thing I want to write about is that I got to see Dana Carvey perform on Tuesday night. The company I worked for hired him as Tuesday’s entertainment.

He killed it. He was so freaking funny. I laughed louder than most of the people in the room. He performed for probably 45 minutes. I would pay to see him again. He was smart. And he did a great mix of improvised bits and rehearsed bits.

I saw him on SNL about 2 months ago, and he did okay. I really hope this spells some kind of Dana Carvey revitalization project.

The above is a picture I grabbed with my iPhone to show you how large the venue was considering one company threw the party for their top clients.