Such a good Fridog

I couldn’t resist posting this picture of Talulah on this Good Fridog. I found it while looking through some other images.

Lou, Zoe and I have the night to ourselves. Tina’s spending the night with her cousin Kelly. They are shopping all day, going to dinner and then getting a hotel room so they can have one-on-one girly action girl talk.

Girl talk is not only a band, it’s what my niece calls it when we are visiting, and she wants me to leave the room.

Since Tina’s away, the mice will play, you know. I’m thinking about ordering one of the hot, naked chicks in a pamphlet I got while in Las Vegas. Let’s see. On page 6, it says that Dede is $89 while Bebe is $99.

Who should I go with?

I can’t decide.

There’s definitely a $10 difference in hotness between the two. If I order now, I’m sure Dede or Bebe will be here before midnight, right? There’s nothing in the pamphlet that says I’m responsible for their transportation to Chicago.


Good God Jim, it’s Godly Good Friday … how about a reading/watch list

Oh my. Is it Good Friday again? Isn’t this a grand day? How are you celebrating Yeshua’s suicide murder execution and subsequent reported resurrection?

Blasphemy aside, we should all be celebrating the right way, and that’s to fill our Easter baskets with Cadbury Eggs and wait for Harvey to bounce over the entire earth spreading good cheer to all the good little boys and girls who scream “Trick or Treat!” with their teeth that have fallen out buried under their pillows.


Here’s my reading and or watch this list for Good Friday:

Cynical C’s Daily Dose of Ingersoll

I’ve gone back several times and re-read this quote that Cynical-C posted from Robert Ingersoll. I wanted to share it:

I would not for my life destroy one star of human hope, but I want it so that when a poor woman rocks the cradle and sings a lullaby to the dimpled darling, she will not be compelled to believe that ninety-nine chances in a hundred she is raising kindling wood for hell.

– Robert Green Ingersoll, “How To Be Saved” (1880)

If you aren’t a regular-reader of Cynical-C, I recommend it. He stopped doing these daily doses for a while, but has recently reinstated it as a staple.