Such a good Fridog

I couldn’t resist posting this picture of Talulah on this Good Fridog. I found it while looking through some other images.

Lou, Zoe and I have the night to ourselves. Tina’s spending the night with her cousin Kelly. They are shopping all day, going to dinner and then getting a hotel room so they can have one-on-one girly action girl talk.

Girl talk is not only a band, it’s what my niece calls it when we are visiting, and she wants me to leave the room.

Since Tina’s away, the mice will play, you know. I’m thinking about ordering one of the hot, naked chicks in a pamphlet I got while in Las Vegas. Let’s see. On page 6, it says that Dede is $89 while Bebe is $99.

Who should I go with?

I can’t decide.

There’s definitely a $10 difference in hotness between the two. If I order now, I’m sure Dede or Bebe will be here before midnight, right? There’s nothing in the pamphlet that says I’m responsible for their transportation to Chicago.


5 thoughts on “Such a good Fridog

  1. I was just thinking it’s been a long time since we saw Tallybaby’s cute little face on this blog.

    Regarding your question, we can’t advise you without seeing them for ourselves!

    1. Okay, I made up the names. I didn’t have the pamphlet/brochure with me when I wrote the post, so I made up the names.

      But go here and here.

      It’s NOT safe for work and if you have a problem with porn in anyway … the links will only solidify that women are treated at cattle in the sex industry.

      1. Legalize and regulate it so sex workers can safely choose to be the sole proprietors of their business if they want. Would also allow a pathway for legal security if they would prefer to be treated like Hindu cattle.

        That’s my opinion. But perhaps it is relevant to this post because I’m a dog? 🙂

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