Do yourself a favor …

Do yourself a favor and watch this video of 12-year-old twins kicking ass on their skateboards. And by kicking ass, I mean, making you want to go buy a skateboard to show these fools how easy it must be to do these tricks.

Holy crap.

Pierce and Chris Brunner are about to show you how lame your skills really are. Link here.

Link will take you away from Le Café.

The photography isn’t bad either.


Zoinks, it’s an Easter Quiz! How would you score?

You probably worn out from celebrating Easter yesterday, but how much did you learn about the day you were celebrating.

SkepticMoney‘s Phil Ferguson posted a ten-question Easter Quiz recently. I think you should take it. Here’s a link.

For example, here’s question one with the answer in red.

1. When did Jesus get crucified?

a. At the 3rd Hour (9am), on Friday, the morning of Passover.
b. Shortly after the 6th Hour (noon), on Friday, the day before Passover.
c. He didn’t really get crucified, his identical twin Thomas Didymus did.
d. He didn’t really get crucified, he only appeared to be crucified.
e. We don’t know for sure, since the gospels disagree irreconcilably.

Note: According to the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke), Jesus was crucified at 9am on Passover; John insists it was in the afternoon the day before Passover. To make matters even worse, they all say this was on a Friday. Later Christian sects argued he was never crucified at all; it was just a spiritual ruse.

How do we know that this is the answer?

One answer: read the bible. It’s plain as day. Another way, read a copy of the synoptic gospels.

In college, the required reading for my Bible 102 course on the New Testament was a Synoptic Gospels text. It places the overlapping stories of the gospels side by side. And it shows the discrepancies by showing what isn’t written in one book but is in another.

Once you see side by side that the accounts of Jesus are dramatically and irreconcilably different, it’s very difficult to make a case that the gospel writers knew what the hell they were writing about.

The bible works hard to defeat itself. Hell, go check out some of these masterfully written bible quotes that have been put on billboards recently.

Here are a couple (below) that I couldn’t reconcile as a Christian. Someone please explain how we’re supposed to believe the bible is the written word of a perfect deity?