Thank you, Donald Trump, for being such an easy target

“There will be hell toupee.”



Thought bombardment


This morning, I was going to post the above screen capture and say something snarky about it. But then I thought, what good would that do? If you think about it from an outsider’s modern perspective, there’s really nothing to say about it. It stands alone.



And then I thought, I’ll post this hilarious headline from The Onion, and write about how it sure is hypocritical that birthers don’t put enough pressure on Jesus’ records. But then there would be a words war ended by the four words, “The bible said it.” Because thems the ultimate trump card.



And finally, I thought about posting something regarding the destruction by the “Act of God” that just pummeled the southern US. And I wanted to say something snarky about god being the ultimate bad guy. But that wouldn’t do any good either, right? Because there’s a reason for all of that, right? Maybe there was too much homosexual behavior there or something?

Then I thought, you know what, I’ll take another route. I’ll just post these things and say I was going to write about them, and not write about them whilst writing about them. I decided to be hypocritical and self deprecating to appear clever. Just because. Because shoving these words down your throats doesn’t always work.

I hope you give some of these things some thought today. Because when I’m overwhelmed by it, I could either attack it or throw up my hands in defeat. Today it’s defeat.

American Family Association cries indiscernibly about something or another

The American Family Association is whining about Easter and Obama. Who knows what these babies are saying through their teary eyes and temper tantrum hiccups.

Help me out.

Regardless, Obama obviously isn’t doing enough to cater to your group, so bitch about it a little more, and make sure we all change your diaper so that we can’t move forward about things that fucking matter. Like this birth certificate nonsense that has been clogging the airwaves all goddamn morning.

Movie Recommendations and Avoid-a-mendations

I’ve seen a few movies recently. I don’t want to write reviews so much as I want to show that I haven’t been working straight through every minute of my waking hours. Of course a few of these I watched on airplanes (does that count as free time?).

  • Tron Legacy. Avoid it like the plague of a zillion herpes. If you loved it, please feel free to give me a piece of your mind in the comments. I couldn’t finish it. I turned it off. I can count on one hand how many movies I’ve turned off in the middle (so long as my hand had about 30 fingers).
  • The Kids are All Right. Definitely something to watch. Conservatives will hate it, because it normalizes same sex marriage. It shows that same-sex couples face the same issues and challenges as  hetero couples, and for the most part, does it pretty well. I thought Julianne Moore was better than Annette Bening. And Mark Ruffalo was a solid. 30 fingers up.
  • Couples Retreat. This will renew your belief in Satan if you’ve already dispelled that idea from your mind. If you are suicidal, this may work for or against you, depending on your enthusiasm of killing yourself. Enough said.
  • Ghost Town with Ricky Gervais. Funny. Funny. Funny. I need to watch this one over, because Gervais is so funny, I laughed through lines that were probably just as funny. This one flew under the radar, because I didn’t know it was released, and it says 2008 on IMDB. Oh well.

That’s it.

Please feel free to make movie recommendations in the comments. I need some.

It’s Wednesdog

This Wednesdog is brought to you by the folks over at “How to Submit Your Wednesdog or Caturday Pictures Incorrectly.”

I received this submission from one Barb O’Hara, a stranger to Le Café Witteveen. And the only thing she wrote in her email was: “I’ve been skunked” with the attached image of what appears to be a dog of some kind.

I’m using this as a lesson for the rest of you. Please submit your pictures, but provide more information about the dog (e.g. name, age, dislikes, marital status, sexual preference and bra size).