It’s brainwash time … with Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee has cornered the market on non-biased, historically accurate cartoons!

He says so himself.

What a man!

Did you know Ronald Reagan was the Jesus of the 80s? Well, he was.

He was born of a virgin.

Many wise men came to see him after his birth.

He saved the country and the world from its demise.

He was killed. And he rose again on the third day.

And if you’ll believe that, you’ll believe everything Mike Huckabee has to say about history.

Check out this video (below) and go poke around this web site. You’d think it was a joke, but apparently … it’s not. Check out the video that plays at the bottom of the screen. Their target is most definitely mindless grandparents who have lots of money to throw at their ignorant grandchildren.

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