Hipstamatic Talulah wishes you sweet dreams

May 20, 2011


I would want to kick my butt, too …

May 20, 2011

But I had to post yet one more rapture message … as it’s so timely and all. This one was too funny not to pass up.

I was personally thinking of putting a brick on the gas pedal of my car at 5 p.m. and sending it out into traffic saying that a Christian borrowed my car.

Wouldn’t that be FUNNY!!!

Jeanne Moos – Waiting For The World To End?

May 20, 2011

Hey Luis Soothsayer V. Consider this my gift to you … a photo op on Saturday to catch the one guy at 5:59 and then again at 6:01.

May 21 rapture: Apocolypse WOW!

May 20, 2011

Let the Chinese explain Saturday’s rapture to you … Hell, let them explain the idea to you, and show you just how ridiculous it is if it were true.

Time to retire the idea of a second coming. It’s 2011.

Mark your calendar. Judgment Day is coming! According to Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping, May 21st is the Day of the Rapture.

Are you ready? Camping’s followers are! They are closing out bank accounts, selling their homes and leaving their spouses.

On May 21, the Elect get called home to heaven. As for the Left Behind, well, sucks to be you! You can look forward to fire and brimstone for your remaining days on earth. Feel sorry for those heathens around the world. You get to suffer earthquake, floods and all sorts of calamities.

The world will finally come to an end five months later. Kind of makes you wonder, why is the world here in the first place?

Via Joe My God. 

Conversations With Bert: Andy Samberg, Part 1

May 20, 2011

Sesame Street’s Bert sits down with comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member, Andy Samberg, to talk about life, literature, cuisine and of course, socks. Stay tuned for Part 2.


Followup to yesterday’s Palin Patriot shot

May 20, 2011

The cognitive dissonance … it burns.

Via The Daily What.


An Example of Forgery in the King James Bible

May 20, 2011

So if Bart Ehrman says it, it must be true right? Or maybe Bart’s wrong. Have you ever looked into these matters yourself? I admit that I didn’t do it as a young Christian, but once I looked into the history of the bible, all the questions I had were answered with, “The bible is effectively chockfull of errors and therefore can’t be the source of deified perfection that believers believe it to be.”

I mean, how do believers respond in deferenece to physical proof that the Bible was manipulated for many years- 100s of years!- then use that book as support for superstitious tradition?….

Or maybe the historians got it wrong …

Of course, you can find all kinds of rationalizations written by Christians — none of which forward any plausible explaination.

I mean, what do believers say to these types of things that have physical proof in which the bible was manipulated many years — 100s of years! — later to support a superstitious tradition …

Or maybe the historians got it wrong.

Of course you can find all kinds of disputes written by Christians with no great argument. Go here for a google results page.

The religious want you to invest in their ridiculous, see-through, emperor’s clothes, and there are a growing number of us trying to point out why you shouldn’t dump your life for the sake of a really bad argument.

Saturday’s rapture comes to mind. I looked up Jesus’ second coming and Matthew 24:34. There are endless sites blathering apologetically for Jesus’ miscommunication of returning within a generation. Believers admit that the bible is sticky on the subject, and quote blabbermouths like CS Lewis endlessly on the subject. They say that it’s a writer’s typo caused by excitement at the time.

All of the back peddling and verbal contortion can’t change the teachings (that I was taught) that the bible is infallible and the word of god. There should be no mystery. There should be no question. Because if there is question at all, then Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. are all valid if the American religion of bizarre Paul-inspired “Christianity” is so visibly and remarkably chockfull of error.

But what do I know, right? I’m going to post a conversation that a youth pastor had on facebook later today. It shows that there are Christians who point out how imbecilic the rapturists are … because no one knows the time or date of the rapture … all while ignoring Matthew 24:34.

I wish I lived in that kind of great fantasy where I could make up whatever the fuck I wanted to about anything of any importance, and have people invest in my ideas. No, that’s not the way it works. If I want respect or “belief” in Jeremy … I have to PROVE it. Somehow, Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Abraham, Zoroaster … these guys are exempt from having to prove themselves.

“No, no, Mr. Big Corporate Client, this photograph is amazing! The color isn’t washed out. The focus is spot on. It’s completely a clear and gorgeous photograph and you should pay me one million dollars for having produced such an amazing work. Please, please, please hire me again. Please please please devote your life to the shit product I’m selling you.”

That’s religions in a nutshell. It’s a bad product with a bunch of really good people repeating odd PR slogans and flimsy rhetoric hoping that the marketing is effective enough to beguile the gullible.

Black History As Taught By David Barton

May 20, 2011

This video is excerpts from David Barton’s DVD “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White.”

It’s amazing that despite being educated in a very conservative, private Christian school, that I can tell when someone like David Barton is revising history to reflect his personal views of the world. I’m curious who doesn’t understand why David Barton is full of shit. It seems so blatantly obvious, but when you read responses on youtube and elsewhere, it seems that people don’t generally know their history of American politics.


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