Comment of the day goes to … PDOG

This one is top-shelf, flaming-head, face-palming greatness … from this post. The following is a straight quote from one “supid [sic] moron” who goes by “PDOG.”

hey george snakes are not the same as they were in the garden of eden and adam and eve could understand animals back then, and the snake was not a true snake but the devil in the form of a snake you supid moron

You hear that, George, you SUPID moron. Don’t you see how dumb you are? Adam and Eve could talk to animals. If the Black Crows could record that one hit of theirs again, the lyrics would be, “She talks to animals / They call her out by her name.”

It looks like PDOG goes to Mansfield University, a college that claims to specialize in educating leaders of the future. Thankfully, they don’t claim they teach grammar and writing, because PDOG is lacking those skills. That is one gorgeous run-on sentence, don’t you think?

He may have been raptured, but in the event he’s still around … I hope he comes back to play.

Congratulations, PDOG. You won your own post.


2 thoughts on “Comment of the day goes to … PDOG

  1. Grammar, writing, reasoning, proper education, anthropology, archaeology, science, logic, philosophy…

    Must be a lot they don’t teach if he thinks the devil was a talking snake.

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