Monday Evening Reading List

I haven’t done a reading list in a while. So here’s one now. So stop bitching.

  • One dog lover goes leaps and bounds to save his K9 buddy. It’s a heart-warming story. Read here.
  • God gives batshit-crazy Michele Bachman the greenlight to run for Prez. I’m still waiting for him to find my keys.
  • Video turns up of 13-year-old Syrian boy. Video shows that he was tortured brutally — bruised and battered body and face, knees broken, and he was possibly castrated. Read here.
  • A 32-year-old Saudi woman named Manal al-Sharif was arrested after driving after the ban on female drivers. She has been released from prison in Dammam after signing a statement that she will no longer drive nor encourage other women woman to follow her lead.
  • Creationists are planning to attend PZ Myers upcoming speech in Glasgow. They are ready to ask him some tough questions. Funny thing is, he can’t wait! And it’s no wonder. “Intelligent” design advocates are so dumb, one of their questions is, “How many peer-reviewed papers have you published since setting up your blog, Pharyngula? We think the number’s zero, but it would be nice to get confirmation of this.” Disaster is what those morons are setting themselves up for.
  • Joe.My.God posts his weekly review of “This Week in Holy Crimes.” You should read it. 
  • Sam Harris is still mulling over his post-mortem notes from his debate with William Lane Craig. He wrote an editorial that’s actually a good read in HuffPo. I think he still has some fleshing out to do, but the general ideas are there.
  • I’ve been reading Jon Ronson’s “The Psychopath Test: A Journey through the Madness Industry.” So far, so good. Anyone have any book recommendations?

Above image from Reddit.

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