In response to Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere botch-up job

Remember this? Well, you should know that this was written for Sarah Palin … and for Sarah Palin only.


Did you see this?

Actually, Sarah Palin proves that she is one of the hardest-core politicians to ever walk the earth, and should you believe a fucking word she says, you should go back to the above.

All politicians lie, but only some of them are psychopathic enough to stand behind such lunacy hoping the sheep mosey on into the slaughter house.

7 thoughts on “In response to Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere botch-up job

  1. You should re-edit that so that only the last few seconds remain.

    New script:

    Sarah:I know my american history.
    Fox news reporter: *snort*

  2. Sarah Palin was correct on her statement, she was asked “what she learned” which means what she didn’t know before. All you dumbfucks should go and read up on REAL history, not the crap they feed you by some dumb liberal professor in college.

    1. Did you comment bomb and leave forever or did you man up and subscribe to comments?

      I don’t want to waste my time responding to you if you’re never coming back …

      Love and kisses,

      Your resident “dumbfuck.”

  3. I’d prefer history taught by PhD.s who have actually studied the subjects they’re purporting to teach, and who follow the accepted scholarly consensus brought about by the rigors of constant research, rather than the history of people like Sarah Palin, for whom the story changes to suit the message being pushed at the time.

    1. Kilre,

      Did you grow the balls to subscribe to these comments or am I going to have to go through my spiel again with you?

      Loving atheist kindness,


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