To good to be true: “How Wendy Wright changed my mother’s life for the better.”

I saw this over at reddit, and thought you might like to see how one college-age atheist “proselytized” her mother into a world-view altered state.

I have trouble believing that anyone’s mom or dad is open-minded enough to actually read or listen to first-hand accounts of reality-based information, but I had to at least try to believe this person’s account.

Here’s the reddit post:

I am a Stanford student natively from Texas. I chose California because I am much more liberal in my beliefs than my conservative, Tea Party-style family. At least, I thought they were Tea Partiers… I came out to them as an atheist six months ago. Mom cried; Dad fumed. They loved me, so they didn’t cut off communication or college funding or whatever, but they did try to convert me a bit.

Well, I made a facebook status about Wendy Wright awhile ago. My fundie mother took the time to watch all 7 parts of her interview with Dawkins, and found herself thinking, “Dawkins was polite and sensible and that woman was crazy.” She then proceeded to watch dozens of other Dawkins videos, Hitchens videos, and general “liberal politics” videos, in an attempt to understand her godless heathen daughter.

When I came home to visit today, we had a long talk. My mother, clearly confessing something dirty to me, said, “I now believe in gay marriage, and abortion, and separation of church and state, and universal health care, and… and evolution…” She then took a deep breath. “I still believe in God, but I don’t think I can let him speak for my life anymore.” Richard Dawkins and Wendy Wright changed my fundie mom into a wavering agnostic liberal.

TL;DR: Youtube educated my mom.

In case you are interested in knowing the video series in question, start here.

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