Hillbillies cut a rug


PZ Myers vs. The Islamic Psychobabblers

PZ Myers posted the above video of himself cornered by some Muslim men wanting to have a conversation with a well-known atheist. The Three Amigos would say an “infamous” atheist. He’s not just famous … he’s in famous.

The Muslim men in this video aren’t “idiots.” I mean, within their own understanding of intelligence, they come off as, well, somewhat intelligent. This isn’t uncommon among the religious. I know lots of intelligent believers. Just like I come off wrong in whatever display of intelligence I have to them, they come off wrong to me.

But what comes off as stupid is how they corner PZ Myers with an agenda and a camera, and when PZ Myers responds, they cut him off with machine-gun style psychobabble.

What is psychobabble? Psychobabble is what William Lane Craig does. It’s what a lot of believers do when the troll-off on this blog. It’s talk without cause, empty of solid rationale and easily poked with holes.

There are points along the way that the  psychobabble from the Muslim men in the video avove leads us listeners into questioning their credibility. When PZ says that he’ll start talking and predicts that when he starts an argument the guy will interrupt him. The muslim man does it immediately as predicted. When PZ Myers says that you spout the same thing as Christians and Jews, the Muslim man says, “No we don’t. We’re not Jewish or Christian,” and then he goes into the same arguments that all of them use.

When the discussion of a flood story comes up, one of the Muslim men denies it’s in the Qur’an, when apparently it is in the Qur’an.

I guess we can’t all be as perfect as PZ Myers.


I recommend watching the video, though. It’s a fascinating watch. You might click on it thinking, “Over 30 minutes, I’ll watch parts.” But then you get sucked in.

It bothers me that we never get to see the faces of the Muslim men until closer to the end when they talk to Dick “Redmeat” Dawkins.

But whatevs … give it a whirl.

Chance encounter with a “Client from Hell” at the supermarket

This exchange is from a website called Clients from Hell:

CLIENT: “Aren’t you supposed to be designing my brochure?”

ME: “It’s Sunday morning. I’m just buying milk because I ran out.”

CLIENT: “Oh, you did? Well, what should we do then if we run out of time for the project, huh? Just leave the last two pages blank and write ‘sorry, ran out of milk’ on them?”

ME: “I don’t know why you’re getting so upset over this.”

CLIENT: “I don’t know why you can’t just eat your cereal dry.”

ME: “What!?”

CLIENT: “I just… Okay, sorry I snapped. I just came from church. That place leaves me feeling so angry for some reason.”

The website is a trainwreck, so if you go there, set a time limit for yourself.