Short Documentary trailer: Madman or Something Worse

Here’s a trailer for a short, self-produced documentary called “Madman or Something Worse.”

It doesn’t look great, but I’d watch it.


I get emails from myself

One morning this week, I received an email from myself that said, “The Internet turned the lights on. When the lights are on there are no room for ghosts.”

At the time I wrote the email, I thought it was significant. When I looked at it again in the morning, I thought, “Maybe it wasn’t as significant as I thought.”

Scaring people with information is easy. Pastors and priests have cornered the market on it. Some might argue that FOX News’ biggest and best influence is church-inspired, scare tactics. And it shows.

At least for me, the Internet — in part — has stripped my mind of ghosts, miracles and religions. The other part is plain old common sense. But my mind was packed to the nines with fears and evils from a very young age. When I’m not paying attention, they creep back in for a jolly good time.

The analogy that works best is the one of dark and light. Most of you know I have trouble sleeping sometimes. And the nights that it’s the worst, I lie in the dark longing for respite from my mind’s wonderings through paranoid places.

The moment the sun pokes through my bedroom window, the light eases my mind and I fall asleep. There’s a comfort to a lighted place that scares away “the evils.” When sun is out, there’s an appearance of safety.

When I was a Christian, I remember connecting “son” and “sun”. You know, God’s Son. For example, God sent his “sun” to ease my mind and rock me back to sleep. And there is some speculation that the English culture has perpetuated that concept.

It’s sick really. The sun is the sun. And confusing the “son” for the sun is just another way the church uses real things to suggest fantasy.

Now I have to stop confusing the dark for unfounded evils, and I’m going to be peachy.