I ain’t know how to spell DNA

Damon Thompson preaches that a woman who committed a crime became a Christian and it changed her DNA to not match the DNA she had when she committed the crime.

The moral of the story is, commit a heinous crime as a non-believer and then convert. You may get caught, but your DNA won’t match the scene of the crime and you’ll get off Scot “Damon Thompson” Free.

Via Cynical C

3 thoughts on “I ain’t know how to spell DNA

  1. Well, that should be easy enough to disprove – take a DNA sample from someone who’s thinking of converting, and then another after conversion. Then compare.

    So, faced with the actual evidence, what are the chances that this Damon Thompson guy will realize his mistake, publicly admit he was wrong, and embrace reason? Hmmm?

  2. Either some lab tech made a stupid error (which happens often) or this guy is full of shit. Or…the lady he speaks of is a chimera. My money is on Mr. Thompson being full of shit.

  3. Well played, Xina. I lapsed about chimerism. That’s a great point.

    But you’re right. It’s likely complete bullshit.

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