It’s Wednesdog!

We should rename Jude, “The Pimp.” He pimps his pups like they’re hookers on North Avenue (the rough equivalent of our red light district).

Here’s another couple shots of Sam and Anna. And if you’re curious which one is which, Anna is the purple one with green polkadots and Sam has the florescent tubing and glistening sparkles on his eyes and butthole.

Here’s a previous Wednesdog post on Sam and Anna. And while I’m at it, make sure you celebrate hump day right with a good ol’ frolicking in the hay with your loved ones. You could invite your pets in the room to watch, but keep the sex between you and the humans … you hedonistic crazies.

One thought on “It’s Wednesdog!

  1. Funny, I never noticed Anna’s green polkadots until you mentioned them. Now that you mention them, they’re so obvious…

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