Comment of the Day

Most of you have probably already seen the comment today over at the Noah’s Ark post that keeps getting hit hard every day, but I have to repost it here:

Educated idiot’s is what you people are who say” the ark did not exist. ” Because it did, and there are plenty of evidence to support that FACT. If you can not see the evidence than you all are ignorant and need to did deeper. you all are college grad’s I’m sure and payed high doller for your education. So read the Bible. It’s all there

2 thoughts on “Comment of the Day

  1. That Noah’s Ark post is a treasure trove of “Comments of the Day”.

    Have you ever asked yourself why people who have no evidence for their claims just claim they have tons of evidence that YOU need to research and find? I don’t.

    Also, when did being educated, or “clever”, as I was accused of the other day, become a valid source of insult fodder? Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical.

    At least she is SMRT, she obviously didn’t waste any of her hard earned money on an edjumacation. We ought to know better. But that costs money you know…..

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