Understanding the Times gets a callout on MSNBC

This clip is from Lawrence O’Donnell’s show on MSNBC. I could care less about the show itself. But I was listening to the clip, and suddenly my mind’s brakes shrieked to a stop.

Go to minute 2:00 when O’Donnell asks the pundit about Michele “Batshit Crazy Nuts” Bachmann’s background. This woman sums up perfectly the education that was shoved down my throat taught to me in high school.

Many of you might remember, one of my high school, college prep classes was called, “Understanding the Times.” It’s where a lot of Christians get the language of “worldview” and impose ignorantly that EVERYTHING is a religion and ONLY evangelical fundie Christianity leads to eternal life with Jesus. It conditions students to think that everything is either pure Christian or anti-Christian. It pits Christian against Christian, as well as Christian against every other way of thought. It teaches that you should bring this message of ignorance into the workplace, into conversations with strangers, and into your family’s living room.

The class literally removed me from a legitimate place in productive society by making me repeat its message in college interviews and in interviews to get scholarships for college.

Understanding the Times is scary, scary stuff, and I can never do enough to explain to the world that this message is HURTING Christianity and the believers who fall for it.

If you want to know a perfectly reasonable explanation of Understanding the Times’ modus operandi, watch the clip. She nails it.

The pundit doesn’t ever say the words, “Understanding the Times.” But it is precisely what evangelicals teach their kids, and it’s stupefying how many people fall for that crap.

Understanding the Times was the most un-educated, un-scholarly, ill-serving, pathetic load of horse shit to ever get pushed into this brain of mine. Many of my high school friends still preach its deplorably sick message. It’s sick, because it teaches that you won’t be accepted if you preach it, but you  will be accepted into heaven … which is all that matters.

Stunning how crazy this stuff is.

Go ahead, Michele Bachmann, preach this message from your soapbox. Your message is idiotic at best, and only the gullible stand behind and accept it.

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