It’s Caturday!

Sometimes we have to reach into our past to find a featured cat. This one is from Jude. If you’re superstitious, too late! A black cat has crossed your path today. Blame all your misfortunes on Maude.

No superstitions for me, so I get to enjoy this beauty from the past!

Here’s Jude’s description.

If you’re looking for Caturday submissions, you can feature my late family cat, Maude. Back when I was still living at home, my parents happened to go on holidays at the same time as I went on vacation to the Rockies, and my sister was left alone with the family dog. During our absence she quietly acquired a stray cat who was apparently hanging around. The cat actually got along with the dog, so by the time the vacationers returned, we had a new family member.

She had a lifelong catnip abuse problem. Most of the time she was an absolute model of propriety, but whenever she got her paws on a bit of catnip, she would kick up her heels, climb onto the table, dress in plastic bags and sing bawdy songs at the top of her voice (which was pretty high to begin with).

She lived to a ripe old 16 – that’s our best guess, assuming she was about a year old when she first showed up.

Here are more shots of Maude. The first one is Maude and Patch, Jude’s family dog at the time.


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