It’s Caturday

This Caturday is brought to you by our hosts here in Hawaii. Meet Bamboo. He’s the friskiest siamese kitten you’ve never met.

On Saturday, we’re driving the Road to Hana. I swear I’ll bring my phone and update a few times. I swear! Only , it won’t matter, because the time difference makes it difficult to blog.

Sorry about missing Wednesdog this week. We’ll have to resume it next week!



2 thoughts on “It’s Caturday

  1. Fuck!!!!
    That kitten is like warm woolen mittens inside a bright copper kettle wrapped in a brown paper package (tied up with string) sitting on a cream coloured pony that shits schnitzel with noodles.
    It is like a Turducken of incrementally greater cuteness.

    This from a guy who doesn’t really like cats.

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