CNN – Bible Condemns A Lot, Why Focus On Homosexuality?

I’m not sure when Doogie Howser became a reality. This kid seems too young to respect, but I’m totally going to pick up this kid’s books. I like how he says, I’m not saying Paul didn’t say homosexuality was bad, but that Paul said lots of things that we don’t value today were bad. Evangelicals don’t really have anything to stand on when they quote scripture to support one thought, but in the next breath, get a divorce, grow their hair long as a man, cut their hair short as a woman … or any number of outdated, trivial biblical “laws.”

I love how the anchor follows up and says, “I’ve read the bible, and you probably shouldn’t take it too seriously.”

I mean really.

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Apropos to the conversation

PZ Myers posted an email he received from a former Liberty University student. The part I wanted to republish is apropos to the conversation I referenced in the last post.

The writer says:

When I first found your blog site Pharyngula, I was deeply outraged and if I am being honest, offended. At that point I was a Christian, on a path leaving many preconceptions behind me. It was in turn, a part of your witty humour and cynicism that made me abandon by “Young Earth/Intelligent Design” notions I learned from the year I spent at Liberty University (a mistake of schools, if I can even call it that) It was also because many scientists challenged me to think about the world around me, and question the things I thought I knew. This led me to do research and I finally understood evolution. I will refrain from saying “believe in evolution” for believing in evolution is just as redundant as saying believing in gravity. I understand what the Theory of Evolution states and therefore my appreciation for biological science has increased tremendously.


The providence-driven, maniacal scavenger hunt


Recently I had a conversation with a believer. Let’s call him Ted. It was a standard creationist vs. evolution conversation.

I asked, “How can you not accept evolution?”

Ted said, “I believe that God created everything.” The insinuation was that if God is as powerful as he is purported to be, then all of creation is legitimately possible within that framework of thought.

“But there’s proof for evolution,” I explained. Coming from my lips, I could hear how it could be received as a contrived script that I’ve been taught to tell believers.

Ted said, “There’s no proof. Evolution is only a theory.” The words came from Ted’s lips like the contrived script he was supposed to say, too. The difference is that I was originally taught to respond to this conversation with things like, “Evolution is only a theory.”

My pro-evolution script read, “A theory is the most adequate and accurate concept that science proposes. Gravity is only a theory, but it’s accepted, right.”

So that’s what I said in response. These conversations are very predictable.

“That’s different,” said Ted. And then Ted said, “Just be open to the possibilities.”

I’ll come back to, “Just be open to the possibilities” in a second.

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The single greatest cause of atheism

I recently read a popular quote by Brennen Manning saying,

“The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”

I leaned to Tina and I said, “Good or bad Christians aren’t the cause of atheism. Free thought is the rationale for atheism.” I know many great people who are Christians. My beef, and atheism’s beef, with Christianity or any other religion is that I find religion simply unbelievable.