Calling All Texans to Prayer!

Texas governor Rick Perry is hosting huge prayer event in Houston. If the prayers don’t work, will anyone admit that it doesn’t work?


I’m bringing snorkel back

My back is peeling like a snake shedding its skin. It itches like crazy. It’s virtually all I have left of my Hawaiian experience. That and the coffee cup that I bought at Super K while in Maui.

Apparently the locals call getting burned while snorkeling “snorkel back.” Sounds appropriate right?

I’ve been thinking back on our trip, and we’re both trying to grip what memories we can and keep them in our brains. We packed our days with a lot of sightseeing. Our host Kim and her three kids were great sports and incredible hosts for accommodating two tourists on their island.

While they are there, Kim rented a beat-up Toyota 1992 Previa, an old van with lots of sex appeal. Kim doesn’t have to worry about getting it dirty or sandy from all their beach visits. The Previa doesn’t sport air conditioning, so we would jump in and everyone would say, “Turn on the air conditioning!” Which meant, roll down the front windows. The back of the van only had those windows that open sideways about an inch. They’re worthless.

Below is what I’m going to use as a journal for our time there. Read if you wish. It’s more for me, than you. But you are welcome to enter …

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BBC Newsnight: ThetaHealing, the new Faith Healers

What I don’t get about the splintered, tattered, used-up ideologies of the various sects of Christianity, is how the reasonable ones can share the stage with these unreasonable oddities (like faith healers, pentecostals and Lutherans) . I mean, I only share the stage with Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Mao Tse Tung Tee Tung Tung Tung.

About the above video:

A group of faith healers who claim they have miracle cures for cancer and HIV have been condemned as “irresponsible, even criminal” by a professor of complementary medicine, following a BBC Newsnight investigation.

The group of healers, collectively known as ThetaHealing, claim that their technique – which focuses on thought and prayer – can teach people to use their natural intuition and “brain wave cycle” to “create instantaneous physical and emotional healing.
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Hardball – The War on Science

Of course the above video is evidence of the leftist liberal conspiracy led by Ronald Reagan’s evil, rebellious son Ron. The left only wants you to believe in the sick, decadent immoral ideologies that will lead to serial murders, sex with minors, rampant racism and hiring foreign prostitutes.

Am I right, or am I right?