I get tweets

John Shore (@johnshore) sent me an awesome tweet!

I will relish this day like no other.


It says, “@cafewitteveen If there’s anything I can do to help you get a life, I’m in.”

Why, John, you’ve done so much already. But now that you’re offering, what’d you have in mind? Let’s start with shooting a professional headshot of you. It would give me something to do, and we’d both benefit. You would look competent and I would stop blathering and getting your ire up.

Way to jag it off, John!



John Shore deleted his original tweet that I have screen captured above. It’s a sad day when someone gets a shout out promotion with a tinge of criticism, and they can’t handle it. Be transparent, Christians. Accept criticism and respond in kind. Don’t hide behind cowardice and fear. Like I said below, John Shore has set his bar low and he’s stubbing his toes on it.


3 thoughts on “I get tweets

  1. I’m torn about this.
    On the one hand, your post about his “Waffling Progressives” article is pretty much bang on true. The sentiment is there: Progressives do have a habit of wanting to be on both sides of an issue- to hold to traditional exegesis while not being seen as dogmatic. It is also a really weakly written post authored by someone who is known and liked (at least by me) for being a gifted writer with a sharp sense of humour.
    So Jeremy is right.

    On the other hand, the post was written, it seems, with the express purpose of knocking John Shore- not on the basis of his argument but on his delivery of the idea. When you agree with an idea yet criticize the delivery, it does seem petty. It seems like undue criticism being leveled to forward an alternate and unrelated agenda.

    For reasons completely unrelated to the “Waffling” article, my opinion of John Shore has been justly soured. I imagine-though I don’t claim to speak for Jeremy-that Jeremy’s opinion has been soured as well. So in a way, the well has been poisoned.

    All that said, I think that John’s short pithy retorts don’t lend themselves to dialogue. He is talking at his audience and his detractors and not with them. This tweet is not the best example of this pattern of behavior- because I think in some respect it is responding in kind to baiting- but on his blog and from personal experience I have noticed an unnerving pattern. John has a habit of writing absolutely inspired stuff; these are great posts with revolutionary ideas. He has a habit of happily heaping praise upon himself for rightly deserved kudos from those who have been helped by his work. (And I am dead sure that he writes, not for himself, but to affect the kind of change that would afford this kind of unsolicited praise from others.)
    Yet when it comes to humility- to taking criticism (rightly or wrongly) and patiently fleshing out his opinion and defending his ideas- John Shore is like a spoiled toddler. John Shore can do no wrong in John Shore’s mind. He doesn’t need to explain it to you….if you don’t get it that is your fucking problem. He gives you two cents when a conversation costs a dime.

    John Shore pissed me off, and Jeremy too. He took an opportunity to respond to valid criticism and laughed it off like he has some magic hall-pass that gets him out of the classroom of ideas. Jeremy is being childish, and in kind, John is reciprocating. We are witnessing the devolution of a potential opportunity for dialogue.

    Just remember, John, that you shot the first spitball….

  2. I’m not sure “pissed off” describes me.

    It’s a common writer’s error to heap too much at the beginning of a writing, floundering around for a while before landing the punch.

    I was reading John’s post thinking, “Come on, when are you going to tell me the TWO THINGS!!!”

    He finally wrote them, and I felt deflated. The anticipation and the buildup was awful. Just awful.

    How many times can you make a joke about drinking before it just isn’t funny. There’s a rule of threes in comedy, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it.

    It may have been a disjointed and juvenile point to make … but I didn’t want anyone else having to wade through the mire of John’s pathetic ramblings to get to the point.

    I pioneered the territory, and you benefit from it. My thought was, whether you read the whole post is now up to you.

    As for being pissed of, I’m hardly. I’ll keep reading John Shore, and I’ll keep posting his thoughts here. He has a valid message, and that he responded to me just means he’s in good company when he labels himself a Christian. His bar is low and he keeps hitting his head on it he keeps stubbing his toe on it.

  3. I still read his blog and comment on it too. I just don’t have that sort of euphoric, unreserved love for him that I did at the outset. That is probably a healthy thing, because it is an unrealistic and undeserving opinion to hold of anybody.

    If- to use a distasteful analogy that will certainly be misinterpreted- I used to see him as a like an architect of the Underground Railroad or leader of the Abolitionists, I now see him more like a Slaveholder who lets the servants eat at the dinner table with him. He is a revolutionary who doesn’t want to bother himself with the revolution.

    He has a big heart and tiny balls.

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