John Shore: Two Things all progressive Christians must agree to think

I wish I knew more progressive Christians … especially ones who know and understand the following statement from blogger John Shore:

If you’re going to call yourself a Christian progressive, I would like to suggest that you step out of the sugary-sweet Waffle Zone, and instead unapologetically claim as your own these two readily comprehensible beliefs:

1. Being gay is no more an indicator of a person’s moral status than is the color of their eyes.

2. There is no such thing as hell.

By the way, the lead up writing that brings you to the two things is just awful. I enjoy John Shore, but it was as if he had a bunch of notes, he fell in love with them, and said, “It’s cool if I write a bunch of superfluous jokes that might (or might not) make delivery of this news better.



3 thoughts on “John Shore: Two Things all progressive Christians must agree to think

  1. There is such thing as hell, my friend. The human is a being that is moving by a trinity of energetic streams. Plus, Minus, and Neutral.
    Humans will perceive all around them in a neutral state of view. Once they have seen it, they modify, they change, they mutilate and scale it and then they think, act. And here comes the intersection of Heaven, Hell and Nuts.
    In Islam you enter in the house of Islam if you agree or submit to it, you live in heaven, if you refuse it, you enter in the house of war or in hell and if you say nuts and stay neutral you enter the house of peace. So, Heaven and hell, just like all what holly scriptures relate are part of you, inside of you and it is up to you to choose where you want to be. Hell is a reality and you only decide to live in it. It can be a huge place to be as long as you control the hell and hell doesn’t controls you. Most people in this modern world are slaves of the Limbo and lost control over it.

  2. There you go talking about the holly jolly scriptures again.

    “holy” is the word you’re looking for. The rest of your response is just as bad as spelling holy incorrectly.

  3. Samuel,
    Are you advocating Islam or Kabbalah? You said you taught Kabbalah for 42 years, but you seem obsessed with Islam. Is Kabbalah not a branch of Judaism? Is there also some Islamic branch of it?
    Your excessive numerology and talk of hidden meaning put you squarely in the Kabbalah camp, but beyond that your grammar and revelationary dogma implies strong ties to Islam.
    I’m curious, what is it you are advocating?

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