Joyner: Hurricane Katrina Was God’s Judgment For Homosexuality

Rick Joyner says a US Senator asked him if Hurricane Katrina was God’s judgment and he assured him that is certainly was.

Isn’t it amazing how clear god’s message is to some people, but only some people? The rest of us have to hope that these guys aren’t hearing (their own) voices in their heads.

Just one (modern day) burning bush with a voice emitting from it caught on videotape with 100 witnesses. Just one voice from heaven. Just one direct message from god, that’s all we pathetic atheists ask for.

No, all we get is weather. Weather that is naturally going to happen, and we get yahoos like Joyner who say it’s a message — a clear message! — from the almighty.

The bar is set low, kids. Way low.

Be sure to stick around till the end when Joyner says the most disjointed statements I’ve heard today. He says, “God LOVES homosexuals. They’re not gay. It’s hard to find one that is happy.”

What? The only unhappy gay person I have ever met is when Tina’s brother is in a grumpy mood. But I get grumpy, too.

Notice also the laughter from the crowd.

These are uninformed, gullible suckers and they have a shithead for a leader.

And if there’s a senator that listens to and repeats that bullshit, we all deserve to be the poster of a donkey that the world pins the tail on.

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